Defender of Histories: The Witness Tree Chronicles, Book 1 (Complete)

Silira Mór is the most promising young historian to serve the city-state of Iathium in centuries. Proud and headstrong, Lira has dedicated her life to her kingdom, working her way up the ranks in the archive--even capturing the attention of Iathium's young ruler, Eremon. But trouble is brewing amongst the outlying clans, and with it, a long-suppressed, forgotten history that threatens to decimate Lira's skillfully-crafted world. (Warning: Contains graphic depictions of violence.)

Keeper of Keys: The Witness Tree Chronicles, Book 2 (Currently Ongoing)

As Rodhlan's clans brace themselves for all-out war with Iathium, a vengeful Lira crosses the continent alone in a desperate attempt to reach Aidryn Tarlach. But the burden of the magic she carries soon begins to weigh her down, slowing her progress and threatening to overpower her completely. With the continent's very histories--and future--hanging in the balance, can Lira stand on her own against the forces that threaten to level her world? (Warning: Contains graphic depictions of violence.)