Copywriting, Ghostwriting, & Editing Services

I help businesses and authors articulate their brand stories through copywriting, ghostwriting, and editing. My goal for every project is to create engaging copy that integrates seamlessly into your established brand voice. In other words, your audience shouldn't be able to tell where you end and I begin.

As a writer, I have a knack for emulating my clients' brand voices and zeroing in on the most pertinent and attention-grabbing features of their brand stories. I'm adaptable, versatile, and dedicated to producing the highest-quality material.

As an editor, I have a keen eye for detail and will stop at nothing to give you the cleanest, most concise final draft possible. My goals are to help your writing reach its highest potential and to maintain your unique voice through the editing process. 

My current and past clients include best-selling authors, an amazing international startup, a Fortune 100 brand strategy & leadership consultant, a multi-disciplinary design studio, and an award-winning brand image stylist. I have worked in multiple industries, including digital marketing, health & wellness, social media, journalism/print media, e-learning, and technical publications. 

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What My Clients Are Saying...

Connection is the Secret Sauce

A well-told story sets the stage for a deeper level of connection to your current and potential clients. When you work with me, we'll collaborate on a level playing field to articulate stories that will resonate with your audience. Ready to get started?